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Remotes not working?

Remotes are wonderful when they work!

One of the easiest issues to fix with remotes is to replace the battery. It is worth installing a new battery, even if it’s a newer remote. The remote might have been in stock for quite some time and lost much of it’s power. Without a strong signal from the remote, it can not communicate with the garage door opener.

Remotes need to be re-programmed on occasion for a variety of reasons. You can do this yourself by reading the remote’s instructions, or give us a call to schedule a programming appointment.

And sometimes the remote simply wears out. It will need to be replaced at this point. Depending on the model and age of your garage door opener, a universal remote can be purchased at your local home supply company (think Home Depot, Lowe’s). It will come with instructions to program to your garage door opener. We can have a look at your opener to see if we can source a remote for your needs, if that is more convenient to your situation.

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